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About Guiyang Vocational and Technical College

Guiyang Vocational and Technical College is located in Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province in China. Guiyang City, known as “zhu” for short, and called “forest city” as well, is a provincial center of politics, economy, science, education and culture, and an important transport hub and logistics center to communicate Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta in Southwest China. As an important eco-travel, leisure and vacation city, Guiyang wins a good nationwide reputation of the forest city and the best summer resort in China.

Covering an area of 215 acres, the college has brand new teaching buildings, practical training centers, Students Activity Center and completed logistical services equipment. There are four specialty groups: rail transportation (railway and urban rail); urban and rural planning and construction; finance and trade and information technology (e-business); food, pharmaceutical and chemical engineering. The college has built a national high-skilled personnel training base, a provincial open public training base and has set two majors of Sino-Canadian cooperative education.

Guiyang Vocational and Technical College has experienced in training and managing college level and skilled international students. All the Chinese language teachers, who are highly qualified, have gained government-approved certificates in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. And some of them have studied abroad. The HSK’s (Test of Chinese Language ability for foreigner) past rate is very high, in 2014 which was 97.05%.
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